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My kitchen sink was backed up, it needed to be snaked and it was attached to garburator. Plumber came very soon after which was a plus because I was having guests over and this was an issue. He fixed the issue really fast and with ease. Made my day!

My kitchen sink was clogged and no matter what I did it was not getting unclogged so I had to call a plumber. A plumber from the company came, he was very professional and he resolved the issue within no time. Had no further issues, very happy.

Young the plumber of this company installed 2-Sprinklers in furnace room ... thank you

Plumber On Demand is just a great company. They responded quickly and was out to me the next day. Unfortunately, my washing machine wasn’t worth fixing but I was thoroughly informed as to what was wrong and what it would take to fix it if I wanted to go that route. Very friendly service! Highly recommend.

by Mimi from Uxbridge on Plumber On Demand Of Uxbridge

our basement's showerhead was leaking constantly, was trying to fix it myself but at no luck. Plumber came and checked it out and gave me a quote for the cost. Fixed it within minutes and everything went as planned!

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