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I needed help to remove my insinkerator under the sink of my kitchen. The previous installer installed it too low and the U shape pipe is way below the exit drain so it often got jammed. Plumber Richmond Hill removed the insinkerator and puted the pipes connected to drains. I appreciate very much the honest work.I live in Major Mac and Burthust. Thanks You.

Thank you kindly for showing up fast and helling us with the backedup drain. Plumber Richmond Hill

I came across this plumbing company in Richmond Hill. I had a problem with my shower the shower knob which basically changes where the water come out of is broken the actual knob was turning but it doesn't change where the water was coming out of I sent you a picture of what it looked like I took the knob out and tried to turn it manually but the water was still not changing. Called me right away and told me what the problem was and how much would it cost to fix it. thanks man

We installed a new sink with this RICHMOND HILL plumbing company. Deeper than old one.water wouldnt drain well. They got it fixed right away

I had a leak in my kitchen sink drain it appeared the issue was caused from an eroded metal or copper cap. I had pictures that I could share to ensure there is a clear understanding of the issue. this Richmond Hill plumber came by everything went as planned . greatly appreciated thank you.

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