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etobicoke neighbour plumber

The plumber of plumber on demand in etobicoke is one of my neighbours. When we had that hard rain the other night our main sewer line started to back up we knocked on the plumbers Etobicoke door and he came right away to help us out. thanks to plumber Etobicoke Ontario our cost of plumbing services is very low .

waterline extention / plumber Etobicoke

If you are looking to get a free quote to change a water supply line from 5/8 inch to 1 inch this local plumber Etobicoke was the only one certified to give me an average quote over phone. To be trusted and very reputable plumbing company Etobicoke.

I had to fix a leak in my bathtub. The cartridge is screwed very tight I cannot remove. When the previous person tightened it they deformed it. I have the replacement Emco 1057 cartridge. Just need to unscrew cartridge and install new one. Plumber Etobicoke was fully licensed and insured on the job done. Simon

I have bath tub faucet is leaking in basement laundry area whenever turned on. It is not leaking otherwise. Bath tub faucet can easily be accessed from back side closet with cutting drywall. The cost to repair and replace faucet was reasonable fron this plumber Etobicoke. They were able to come today after 4 pm near Finch west and Duncanwoods area in Etobicoke north

plumber etobicoke repair

I have a rental property in south Etobicoke. There is a small pin hole on a water copper pipe going out from water heater to hot water storage tank. I want to repair the pipe. The approximate diameter of this pipe is 2 inches. The plumber in Etobicoke was very helpfull. Thanks. Garry

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