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* Clogged Toilets & Sinks
* Faucet Installation
* Leaking Pipes
* Kitchen Drain Cleaning
* Appliance Installation 
* Drain Camera Inspection
* Toilet Replacement
* Sewage Drain Repair
* Licensed & Insured

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Plumbing service etobicoke

From clogged drains to simply plumbing repair you should only call plumber Etobicoke of Plumber On Demand. This company has been around for years and is always there to help with all your plumbing and drain service needs in Etobicoke area.

South Etobicoke plumber

I called this plumber in south Etobicoke Ontario yesterday as I saw one of their trucks on the road. I didn't understand why they charge a fee to show up, when any other plumbing company will show up and give you a quote for free. Didn't hire them for the job anyways ...

Toilet replacement - Etobicoke, Ontario

Very happy with this plumbing company. The plumber Robert was very polite and did a great job. This is the second time we hired this plumber and the menager gave us a ten percent discount. Always call Plumber On demand of Etobicoke for a local plumber in Etobicoke area.

plumber etobicoke

Plumber On Demand is a plumbing and drain service company branch based in Etobicoke. Whenever you need a plumber in Etobicoke , Plumber On Demand is equiped with all the necessary tool for any unforseen plumbing and drain problem.

by Maria Tzirologorus on Plumber On Demand Of Etobicoke
Plumber in etobicoke

A disaster on its own. The plumber of this company Robert lives accross the street from my house. Yesterday when he was going to his plumbing truck to go to work, I asked him to come by and inspect my toilet. He came and in less than 2 minutea he quote me on a new toilet for 425$+ the cost of the toilet at around 285$. I found the price a bit expensive, thanked him and asked him kindly to leave. He replied no problem and I will be right back with the invoice. Invoice for what I asked ? He said for his time to come and give him a quote there is a 40$ fee. I was shocked. He was in my house not even 2 minutes and he is demanding 40$. I refused to pay anything and he started making fun of me. When he left I called his office. My god. The office plumbing dispatcher was worst then him. He told me to get lost and dont bother our plumbers if you have no intention to pay. These guys should not even be plumbers and allowed to peoples homes.

The plumber simply did his job. Do you go to work for free ?!?! Plumber On Demand

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