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Plumbers Brampton Ontario/plumbing inspection

I recently purchased a cottage close to North Brampton, Ontarion which I would like to get inspected - We are getting the keys on Friday mid day and would have liked someone to come over toward the afternoon and check that everything works fine. We also liked to be educated on how the water system works as all we see is a plastic tank in the basement and we have no clue how everything should be run. So, essentially we wanted someone to come and do a quick inspection of the place and make sure everything works well. PLUMBER ON DEMAND of Brampton plumbing company scheduled me within the day and charged me accordingly. Regards, David

sewer backup / emergency plumber Brampton

It's alaways a good idea to call this plumber Brampton whenever you have an urgent need of a plumber in Brampton, Ontario. Last nite we had a sewer backup. The plumber showed up fast and cleaned the sewer line with electric snake machinery. Great plumbing service Brampton !!

commercisl plumber brampton

I need to put removable covers over Cleanouts in the Cold room. There is washroom and area is tiled over the cleanout but they are marked with their location. Tiles need to cut and cover to be installed. Covers need to strong and also flash on the floor as this wheelchairs accessible washroom. Covers should be able to handle weight of the wheelchair. Let me know if you can do this type of requirement. I sent the picture before and after making it a washroom. This plumber Brampton , Ontario did a great clean plumbing work. Thanks Harry.

brampton residential reno

We are starting a bathroom reno next week and I need the following work done: relocate the shower valve, relocate the tub lines, relocate sink link and add a sink line. This plumber Brampton , Ontario is scheduled to do the work and has already been paid a deposit. To be trusted Brampton plumbers. Thanks Candace

faucet repair

I m very happy with the plumbing repair that this company provided when I was in an urgent need of a plumber here in Brampton. The Brampton plumber gave me 2 year waranty on parts and labour.

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