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home renovationToronto

I m doing a home renovation here in Toronto and hired PLUMBER ON DEMAND of Toronto plumbing contractors for all plumbing and drain installations. Very satisfied with this plumbers Toronto ...

I needed professional plumbing thoughts on an issue I'm having. For our kitchen sink we replaced the P trap used draino and we thought we cleaned out the kitchen sink but it's still clogged. I was wondering how to snake the pipes and figure out what's causing the clog. I had one of the plumber pour grease into one of our toilets. It still flushes but not the way it used to. This local plumber in Toronto was willing to Give advice is free of charge. thx

This is Bruce, I wanted this company to install a flush toilet water closet, pedestal basin for my new house. Also i wanted to know if this company accepts credit card for payment. Over all this plumber Toronto Ontario is equipped with the latest plumbing technologies in all aspects.

tub instal

I needed a tub installed. This plumber Toronto kindly provided a quote over the phone. Its standard 60" tub. Remove old and install new, thats all. House is at yonge and steeles. Great service plumber Tornto thanks.

Hi the flusher in the toilet doesn't stop running and this plumber Toronto of Plumber On Denand replaced it and repaired it for us. Address is 705 King Street it's a condo in downtown Toronto.

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