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Called and asked for much do they charge to unclog a kitchen sink drain in a townhouse. Tried all kinds of chemicals, a wire snake without luck. Priced ok. Located in mississauga. Thank you

My mother lives in a building in Mississauga, recently owners were told that when building was built, Kitec piping was used and now it was causing problems for some of the owners.She needed someone to look at the pipes in the kitchen to find out if they needed to be replaced as they may cause issues in the future. The plumber showed up on site and explained everything correctlyThank you.

I was looking for someone to come in this Sunday to repair a cracked PVC kitchen sink drain pipe. The house is in Mississauga at Mavis and Derry. They were busy on Sunday so they came yesterday and fixed everything

Josh just fixed the water heater mixing valves. ours was leaking from the top, gave me a quote to replace it and had the plumbing job done fast

My kitchen sink was not draining well again (grease). I have had a plumber from this company here in Mississauga come twice and use a snake, which partially cleared the problem, but it kept coming back. He suggested that the only two options are to hydro jet the drain, or open the walls and replace the pipe. After all we found a solution with hydro jetting and everything is running fine.Thanks,Greg

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