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one of our toilets used to give off a foul smell, regardless of use. Our washing machine also emits an odor when a cycle begins. Not sure what the cause was. Diagnosed the problem and fixed it within minutes. thank you guys

Toilet problems It was not fling up with water. Had it fixed awhile ago but it got broken again. Called George from Hamilton plumbers and he fixed it in minutes. Thanks

Whenever shower upstairs was on (for more than 5 min), it was now leaking in into the room below (through the fixture& #41;. Tub was recently sealed up, so we're thinking it must be a broken pipe. Likely something this plumber Hamilton can't quite diagnose until they get into it and open it up, so not sure if they could come first to give a quote, but we're open to receiving a couple of quotes based on what this plumber Hamilton thought it could be.

Called and asked what do they charge to remove old toilet and install new one ... got the price over phone and sameday plumbing service

Had some copper pipes changed for new shower fixtures and a tub installed today , All of the plumbing was exposed, the old tub was out and the drain was accessible from the basement. I had everything here except the new pipe ... Work was performed well and everything went as planned ...

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