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It was late at night on the weekend. Plumber Halton Hills showed up at my door fast within 45 minutes as promised! Good Job! Very happy with the customer service too

I woke up this morning and my basement toilet was leaking. I turned the water off to the toilet. I had no knowledge of how to fix this. Called Halton hills plumber on demand . thank you

I just recently sold my house in Halton Hills and in the inspection report we were required to re locate the condensation discharge line for the HVAC system that was routed through the foundation wall currently. In the utility room there is a main drain stack for the house, however there is no floor drain that is close enough to re route the drain line to. The inspector wanted us to connect the discharge line to the main drain stack via a trap, 2” pvc pipe with a vent valve, shut off valve to close during the winter and from there into a 3” T for the stack. I wanted someone qualified to do the work so it gets done properly and professionally. Called Halton Hills Plumber On Demand and everything went as expected . Thanks, Nick.

Many thx to this plumber Halton Hills for showing up fast and doing a great job at our property!!

My toilet seemed to be clogged. It was also affecting the sink. The major issue I was having though was in the room beside the washroom, there was also a drain pipe on the floor which was leaking through the carpet and I was really unsure of what the issue was. I’m located in Halton hills. Halton Hills Plumber On Demand was the only one available. Thanks.

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