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punctual plumbers Burlington

Burlington Ontario plumbers are professional and only work with the most latest plumbing tools in the plumbing industry. Punctual plumbers Burlington Ontario

I was looking for a price to remove the existing shower faucet and replace with a new one. I can supply the faucet assembly and this plumber Burlington provided a price on one you are familiar with installing. I was not too particular with the type or quality as it is a rental unit. The reason for replacement is that one of the washer or valve completely wore out and now it only spits out hot water, I tried to get a replacement part but the faucet is too old and they no longer make the part, hence full replacement required. There is full front and rear access so no cutting or replacement of drywall or tile is required. The unit is located at Sherman Ave North and Burlington Street area. GREAT AND PROFESSIONAL PLUMBING BURLINGTON ONTARIO

I have a kitchen faucet leaking from the base. Local plumber Burlington diagnosed and changed it out, I had a spare faucet. To be recommended plumbers in Burlington area

Kitchen sink installation

My cousin hired this Burlington plumber to install a brand new sink in his old kitchen. They showed up with all the equipment needed for the job and gave him a one-year guarantee on parts and labour , next week I'm looking to do the same thing for my condo in downtown Burlington and will hire this local Burlington Ontario plumbers

eastern toilet instalation

I wanted to install three Eastern Toilets and we called a lot of plumbing companies here in Burlington Ontario but surprisely none of them new what a Eastern Toilet was. Only this local plumber in Burlington had knowledge about it due to their long time being in the plumbing business. thx guys

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